Monday, October 22, 2012

San Francisco

Our little family spent this past Saturday in San Fran. We visited Jared's cousin, saw their cute apartment, and rode a bus to Chinatown. Riding the bus while standing with a baby strapped to me up and down the San Francisco hills was a bit challenging but worth the ride! When we were nearly to our stop a little old Asian woman who didn't speak a word of English sat by Zinni and oohed and aahed over her. She then proceeded to give Zin a round, disc shaped, pink glob (the only word I can think of to describe it). And Zinni promptly put it to her mouth. The Asian woman stopped her to pull the leaf paper back and let Zin continue. Zinni sunk her teeth right in, chewed and swallowed. We arrived at our stop seconds later and the Asian woman insisted we take her bag which had 2 more of the same thing. As soon as we got out and the bus was on its way I had to see and try just what it was my daughter was eating. OH. MY. GOSH! The pink glob was like uncooked, or partially steamed dough and the inside dare I say may have been cat, dog or some other kind of meat that I am pretty sure I have NEVER had before. Seriously. Not candy. Not a fun little Chinese pastry. A glob filled with foreign meat. Barf. I can't believe my two year old chewed and swallowed it, so polite. Jared spit his bite out, if that tells you anything!

We then went and ate good Chinese food at Dim Sum, where i had to change two diapers on about a 10x6 inch counter (you know you aren't in Utah when..). We walked around Chinatown and Jared's cousin got Zinni a cute little panda bear in a kimono, we didn't find out until driving home that it also plays a song in Chinese, that might get old.

Finally while on the way out of the city stuck in traffic Zinni melted my heart. This is what she said, "Mom, I tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a princess (pretty hand gestures) and a DI-NO-SAUR! Stole baby brother and cry (pouty face). Daddy save brother and make me so happy! And I say it's ok brother. The end." I almost died it was so cute! I love that little cutie. Zandon did wonderful in the city and zonked in the car. Fun little trip with my fun little family!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 years old

 A little over two years ago little miss Zinni made her debut and has brought so much joy everyday since.

 Then she was crawling and getting lots of funny personality and a little bit of hair.

 Then she turned one, she started walking and talking and that personality just kept on growing and glowing.

 Now somehow she is two and that personality has developed and changed and changed again.
Birthday breakfast! Followed by swimming (her favorite thing to do).
Zinni decided she wanted orange cupcakes with sprinkles and candy.  She loved decorating them!

My sweet little toddler has most definitely hit terrible twos. Whether it's because she is two or has to share attention with a baby brother is still up for debate. Her answer to anything, everything is "no." She stalls, doesn't listen, and goes to "time-outs" often. But even on her worse days she is still the funniest, smartest, most silly, lovable two year old I get to take care of and teach every single day. Zinnidee is beautiful and kind. She isn't a picky eater and doesn't mind cleaning up her toys. She's learning colors, shapes, numbers, and letters and I am very much enjoying watching her learn. She never really had to be taught how to be an awesome, loving big sister, it just came naturally to her. She makes her parents smile and laugh everyday without fail. We love our "big girl!"

Labor Day weekend camping..

was wet but fun nonetheless! We went with some of Jared's family and my parents came up for an afternoon. We love to camp and are, in fact, heading out for one last trip of the season this weekend. Here are some pics to enjoy. 
Zinni loves her flashlight!
Snug as a bug.
Zandon chillin' out in the camping chair.
Cookin' up some grub in our dutch ovens.
Cute cousin Stephen playing in the dirt.
Ha ha we told them to give hugs and this is what we got.
I'll convert him to trailer camping for sure!
Uncle Stephen being manly.
I promise he really does like camping!
There was a lot of time spent in tents with the rain and all.

Our wild girl going exploring.

Zinni had lots of fun with Uncle Matthew.
Teaching Zinni how to roast a mallow.
She didn't need to be taught how to eat it.
Grandma Mitzi splurging on a s'more.
Jared is a MUCH better breakfast chef than I!
Told you he loves camping!

We love to camp, enough said.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recap of pics

Lately life has been a whirl wind. I'm not sure exactly why but it has just been one thing after the other of busy busy busy. But we are still here and doing great! I wanted to post some pics of our little man since the only ones so far have been from the first day of his life. But basically this is our life over the last couple of  months through photos.
Zinni meeting her baby brother for the first time.

The funniest chipmunk face of Zandon (taken by Zinni).
Yes, he cries.
Zandon's baby blessing @ 5 weeks old.
He was blessed the same day as his cousin Adelaide.
Hangin' out with Kyla.
We've had lots of Zoo days, petting zoo visits, and park days.
Just hangin' out.
First smile captured on camera.
Falling asleep on Papi.

Zandon's first football game.
Going on walks with my two crazy kids!
Zinni likes to give him toys:)
Our life in a nutshell. We are so blessed!